Relaxing Up to Winter with a Quilt Display

When winter winds blow cold air down your back, there's nothing like coming inside to the heat of a comfortable quilt. You can provide your interior the convenience of a toasty-warm bed by decorating with quilts. Heirloom quilts are by definition honorable and old, they needn't be concerned as antiques.
Quilts are precious for their homemade charm and kaleidoscope of patterns and colors. Spread over a sofa, showed artfully on a wall, draped on a quilt rack or terrace railing, or hung carefully over an opened cupboard door, these high-spirited textiles communicate a sense of heat and convenience.
To look after your valued quilts, follow these tips:

* Remove dust from quilts by carefully shaking them or vacuuming them with a light suction. For additional protection when vacuuming, put a nylon stocking over the vacuum accessory.
* To get rid of a spot from light or white locations of a quilt, spread out the quilt out in the sun. Cover the quilt with an old white sheet. Cut out a little hole in the white sheet that matches the size and location of the area so you can see the spot through the sheet.
Showing Quilts
Never-assembled quilt blocks or quilts with simply a couple of blocks undamaged reveal up at flea markets for little bit more than a song.
Show them in a series of frames for a homemade gallery. To frame a quilt block, very first cut 100 percent rag board to fit the block, leaving a couple of inches of board area around the textile to act as a mat.
More concepts for displaying quilts
Hang a quilt by curtaining it over an antique ladder mounted horizontally on the wall with deep rack brackets.
Fold the quilt to fit between the rungs of the ladder. o create a focal point for a bed room, drape a quilt over a heavy wood drapery rod attached to the wall at the head of a bed.
Cut a brand-new quilt into panels and hang the panels from café rings on swing-arm rods.
Maintain antique quilt blocks with archival materials-100 percent rag board, cotton thread, acid-free tape, conservation glass, and acid-free spacers. Make certain the glass sits 1/4 inch above the material which the back of the frame is covered. Display the blocks away from direct sunlight and high humidity.
Buying Guide:
Seersucker quilt, 1128 Garnet Hill; 800-622-6216. more Swing-arm rod, product no. 59-1280247; rings, item no. 59-119228, all from the Pottery Barn; 800-922-5507.

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